Monday, August 31, 2009


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The Comb Ridge area in the southeast corner of Utah is one of the great areas of archaic riches in this country. Road Canyon, Butler Wash, Fish Creek, Mule Canyon, Comb Wash are a few of the major ruin and rock art areas which directly relied on Comb Ridge in the day. Hovenweep National Monument, Natural Bridges National Monument and Grand Gulch Primitive Area are not far away.
The Arch Canyon ruin lies north of paved Hwy. 95, which is accessed just south of Blanding, Utah. Park at the intersection of that highway and Comb Wash Rd., about 20 miles (west) out of Blanding. Just follow the most main road north for 4 miles to the site. It has good rock art as well as dwellings. Just like "River House Ruin", you can drive here (but don't). The walking is easy here unless there is a little flooding to negotiate at Arch Canyon, just before the ruin, which is on the right side of the road.

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