Monday, August 31, 2009

"CANYON PINTADO (& Dragon Trail)"

"Carrot Man Site" (pictured), on the "Dragon Trail" is just one of the unique and great rock-art sites, the "youngest" of which is 700 years old, left by the Fremont Indians in the Rangely, Colorado area. This wonderland is designated the "Canon Pintado" ("Painted Canyon"), where you can also see some architectural remnants. This is a fairly remote high desert area near the Utah border. The Dragon Trail (on Dragon Rd.)/Canon Pintado (on Colorado Rt. 139) tour is basically an auto tour/short hike combination. This makes the sites sensitive, with easy access for vandals. Please help to preserve this special area for the future. The ancient agricultural area was dependent on the now disappearing Douglas Creek. Here are some good websites for the area: www.frankstehno... AND www.rangely... The second one has a map. Sorry for the laziness, but that's easier than me quoting those sites verbatim. Allow a full day for the discovery of Canon Pintado area and stay hydrated. Getting into and out of the car and hiking all day is inordinately tiring.

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