Friday, July 15, 2011

Kanab's Vermilion Cliffs

Here's some great hikes not a 5 minute drive from downtown K town, Utah:
The Bunting Trail has a steep uphill grade to the Vermilion Cliffs rim with some petroglyphs to see.
The Squaw Trail, another rim trail, has the best view of the Grand Staircase.
K Ridge Trail to Tom's Canyon Trail, not my fave but a great workout.
The Mansard Trail: like the Procession Panel in Bluff, the reward here took 3 or 4 attempts to find. Like PP it was stunning & worth the effort. The formation east of Mansard is also worth a look. THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT AND STEEP ROUTE FINDING WITH NO ESTABLISHED TRAIL.
The Solaredas Trail, reminds me of the Colorado Nat'l Monument area (we found some Moqui Steps).
These are all about 2-3 hours total out and back. All are steep and I would rate them moderately strenuous, except for Mansard which is harder.
If you are hanging around Kanab, it has an incredible amount of homes listed on the Heritage Council. Please respect private property and persons.
Throw your vitamin D3 in the garbage here. Blue skies and sun every day! Just watch the forecast for afternoon flash floods in July, August, September. And they CAN happen any time of year. I was in a flash flood in October-not supposed to happen.

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