Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Kanab's Historic Homes

Kanab this Kanab that, blah blah blah. Well in the last posting I added a note about this town's historic structures. 15 are listed on the historic "Walking Tour". But I found many more. You can walk to all of them so I put it in this Blog. But to see them all in a day I recommend bicycling.  Do not take pictures of the residents. Do not publish any photos of these residences without written specific permission from the residents! It is strictly illegal to do so. None the less people are proud of these homes. Take a look. There are 15 structures on the Kanab "Heritage Walking Tour". I found 24 more homes with Heritage Council documentation signage. There are at least that many more that qualify, but these people do not appreciate gapers apparently. Kanab also has a historic cemetery and historic movie sets (free access) and movie star signage.
Some notes on the 15 structures on the "Walking Tour": the structure at 97W Center has a facade, the house at 101W 100N has an address on it of 106 on it (for sale MLS 1404772 and 4 stars in my opinion), the Heritage House (4 stars) at Main and 100S has an address of 115S on the fence, the B&B at 58S has an address of 54 on it (4 stars), the structure at 17W 100S is 4 stars, the structure at 116S 100W is 4 stars, the 4 star house at 93N 200W has a for sale sign but must be inactive, the commercial property at 86S 200W is for sale (MLS 1404456).
THE OTHER 24 HOMES: 400 SOUTH; 00 block West= Hayden & Sytha B. Church 1915, Joseph & Anna Brown 1919, 100 SOUTH; 100 block West= Edward K. Pugh 1905, 100 block East= Findlay-Hamblin 1915, 100 NORTH; 100 block West= Israel & Ella Woolley Chamberlain 1919, 00 block East= Willis C. Little 1905, 200 NORTH; 200 block West= George & Wandle Mace 1883, 300 NORTH; 100 block West= Cram-Beard 1932 (still in the family, not original outside??), 300 EAST; 200 block South= Frank L. Farnsworth 1918 (4 stars), 100 EAST; 200 block North= Hamblin-Larsen 1918 (4 stars), 00 block North= Francis Marion Hamblin, Jr. 1910, MAIN; 300 block South= Willow J. Mackelprang 1917 (4 stars), 100 block North= Shumway-Morris 1880-1905 (for sale MLS 1404688), 100 WEST; 100 block South= Nephi Merrill & Sarah Jane Mace Johnson 1917 (obscured by trees), 200 block South= Brigham Adelbert Riggs, Jr. 1929 (still in family), 200 block North= James W. Swapp 1912 (4 stars), 200 WEST (the best street); 100 block South= John Franklin Brown 1885, 00 block North= E. Leo Chamberlain 1916 (4 stars), Frederick A. Lundquist 1890 (4 stars), 100 block North= Jolley/Robinson/Kitchen 1893 by Jolley (additions by Kitchen & Robinson, for sale MLS 1403728, 4 stars), 200 block North= J. Marson Young 1936 (4 stars), 300 WEST; 200 block North= W. J. F. McAllister 1898, G. Franklin Swapp 1912 (for sale MLS 1404844), 100 block North= James L. Bunting 1888 (4 stars).
Most of these family names still have plenty of representatives living in the area.
So the original town site appears to have roughly been from what is currently from 300W to 400E and from 300N to 400S with a few "outliers".