Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More Archaeological Finds For Finding

Prehistory of Perry Mesa: The short-lived settlement of a mesa-canyon complext [sic] in central Arizona, ca. A.D. 1200-1450 (The Arizona archaeologist)
I have indeed been lucky enough to find these sites:

No other clues forthcoming. You will find them if you're sincere.


Rochester-Muddy Creek Petroglyphs, rock-art, SW of Moore, Ut. (5*)

Sego Canyon, rock-art, NW of Thompson, Ut. (5*)


1. The Citadel, cliff dwelling ruins, SW of Blanding, Ut. (5*)

2. Perry Mesa (Agua Fria N. Mon.), mesa top ruins & rock-art, N of Phoenix, Az. (4 1/2*)many trails

3. Hardscrabble Wash, rock-art, N of St. Johns, Az. (4*)

4. Cannonball Mesa, mesa top ruins, W of Cortez, Co. (4*)can be biked

5. (Lower) Fish Creek, cliff dwelling ruins, SW of Blanding, Ut. (4*)

6. Cliff Dweller, old mine & rock-art, SW of Green River, Ut. (3 1/2*)

7. Owl Creek/Fish Creek Loop, cliff dwelling ruins & natural arches, SW of Blanding, Ut. (3 1/2*)

8. El Morro National Mon., pioneer rock-art, E of Ramah, N.M. (3 1/2*)

9. South Mountain Park, rock-art, S Phoenix, Az. (3 1/2*)