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The Salt Creek hike is in the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park in Utah. The other two sections of the park are The Maze and Island in the Sky, astounding places also. Day 1 got us to Camp #1 (IMPORTANT: You Must Have a Permit from NPS to Camp Here) from the Cathedral Butte trail head. Kirk's cabin by our camp was pretty neat. Day 2 had us seeing the famous "All American Man" pictograph, as well as "Big Ruin", and the "Four Faces" pictographs. Geologic wonders include Wedding Ring Arch. You will also see squash plants that have been producing since ancient Puebloan times. We turned around at "Four Faces", made our way back to camp, and were back to the trail head on Day 3 by noon. Tough climb out! So that was a nice 3 day trip, about my old butt's limit. Four days is recommended for the entire trail (one way!), but I think we saw the best of things and didn't need a shuttle.
So the mileages: Day 1, about 4 1/2 miles to camp. That's plenty with a backpack full of stuff on a steep downhill grade. The trail is pretty straightforward. Just don't take Bright Angel Trail by mistake, on the left about 1 1/2 miles downhill from the start. Day 2, about 10 miles total, out and back, camp to Four Faces. Although this is a long day, do it to it. Day 3, those 4 1/2 miles to the vehicle seem to be vertical.
When I went on this hike the site I used is
It was very satisfactory for description of the hike.
REMEMBERMEMBERMEMBER 1 GALLON OF WATER PER DAY PER PERSON. Salt Creek may have availability if you have the purification system.
Now, let's see if I can get you to the trail. Take the Beef Basin Road (about 8 miles west of Newspaper Rock) left off of RT. 211 before entering the Needles District. 14 miles on Beef Basin gets you to the trail head on the right. Monticello, Ut. is the closest town to the trail head.

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