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Unbelievably, the "Moab Rim" (3 mi. one-way) trail is designated a mountain bike route. Go ahead if you are insane. It is heart attack or stroke on the uphill. Downhill, it's kamikaze pilot time. It's rated a very difficult bike trail. Wrong, out-of-category is my rating. With so many tremendous mountain biking trails available near Moab, Ut., I say hiking is the way to go on this one. Tell you what-I'll walk and you ride, and I'll likely win the race. Anyway, it's a good trail in conjunction with the "Hidden Valley Trail" (2 mi. one-way). An out-and-back to petroglyphs is an option, or a shuttle with road bikes is an option. I'll explain:
The total trail combination of 5 miles can be done either way. But I recommend starting on the "Moab Rim Trail" uphill, as it is the lesser of the evils on the knees. To start, how does a thousand-feet-a-mile elevation change sound on a bicycle? Just do it. It's only one mile of that grind. Once you are one the top, the terrain is still challenging, but seems like a piece of cake. I guess there is a chair-lift now. Please, this is a hike. We're not in Moab for skiing.
The two main attributes of the combination trail: awesome scenery everywhere and ancient Indian rock art at 4 1/2 miles.
How to access: Get on Kane Creek Blvd. in Moab, at McDonald's restaurant. The "M. Rim" trail is 3 1/2 miles down this road from that point.
When you are done with "Hidden Valley Trail", you will be about 6 1/2 miles of paved road from where you started. The trail ends (or begins) at Angel Rock Rd., near Hwy. 191, south of town. So get your thumb out or have a bicycle at the end of the route. The optional to-the-petroglyphs-and-back option is obviously 9 miles, if preferred.
I would not think that a 2 mile-per-hour pace will be reached on this hike, especially allowing for researching excellent rock art. So plan on this being your "hike for a day".
A good web site:
I cannot do better than them for description.
A decent area map:

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