Monday, July 13, 2009


Horseshoe Canyon is a satellite district of Canyonlands National Park. We should be thankful for that, as the protection for this amazing rock art is necessary. The "Great Gallery" pictograph panel is one of the most stunning displays of ancient art (estimated to be dated to about the time of Christ) in North America. Life size figures painted on the sandstone with natural mixtures have somehow survived.
The portraits seem to be of powerful persons and are still awe-inspiring. The hike, once you drop off of the rim at the parking lot, is soft and sandy. For this reason it requires endurance. The four miles or so to the main attraction seems like forever, but you will forget about that when you see what the "Ancient Ones" left for us.
Access is from Lower San Rafael Rd. (unimproved) via the town of Green River, Ut. or Rt. 24 north of Hanksville. Hanksville is the closer town to the canyon.The trail is 8 miles out-and-back.
Another amazing rock art site in the general area is at Sego Canyon near Thompson, Utah and The Bookcliffs formation. Access to the art is much easier than at Horseshoe Canyon.

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