Saturday, September 5, 2009


These 200 million plus year old monoliths, of the Moenkopi and Cutler sandstone/mudstone formations, appear to be melting. The tallest, Titan, is 900 feet tall. Perhaps you will see some technical climbers on the hike. (The climbing is expert rated.) The trail is easy to find, on scenic Utah Hwy. 128, which runs from Interstate 70 on the north to Moab on the south. Mile marker 21 is where the 2.2 mile road takes off from 128 to the trailhead. The whole of Hwy. 128 is awesome scenery, with the towers being some of the best of the best. The trail is approximately 4 1/4 miles out and back. It's not too tough, but you will want to allow some sightseeing time. The trail should be well cairned. Nearby sights which can be seen on the hike include the underrated La Sal Mountains and Castle Rock. If you are a John Wayne fan you will recognize Castle Rock from some "oaters". Moab, Utah is about 23 miles from the trail. Be ready to fall in love with this beautiful Colorado River gorge area. DID YOU BRING YOUR BICYCLE PLEASE? It's not allowed on this track, but there is plenty of good riding in this "Mountain Biking Mecca".

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